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Luka Schumacher @ Hattingen Contest


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“And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
She said I think I remember the film
And as I recall I think, we both kind of liked it
And I said well that’s, the one thing we’ve got”

Maybe some of the older fingerboarding dudes remember that song? I think it was horrible as Tiffany Amber Thiessen as an actress :-D

But, well, lets start with some awesome fingerboarding product. The brand new and handpainted YWheels – Tiffany:

YWheels - Tiffany


YWheels - Tiffany


YWheels - Tiffany YWheels - Tiffany YWheels - Tiffany
YWheels - Tiffany YWheels - Tiffany YWheels - Tiffany
YWheels - Tiffany YWheels - Tiffany

Aaaand one more:

YWheels - Tiffany

Some shortfacts about these wheels:

– Limited edition
– Hand painted graphic technique developed by Yellowood
– New Urethane Hardness, Shore 98A.
– Diameter 7,6mm.
– Optimized relation grip/slide for better performance.
– Realistic wheel design.
– Dual bearings have more contact in the axle, making the wheel more stable, with less wobbles and no jamming.
– Dual bearings ABEC 7 with lubricated cream. Shield on one of the sides.
– Designed to fit perfectly on Ytrucks.
– Professional lathered for smooth ride.
– Bearings can be exchange to different color wheels.

The package contains:
Jewelry box
4 wheels
8 bearings
& stickers

Compared to older sets of YWheels you really feel the harder new urethane. The wheels roll even better than the old ones and even the old ones had a TOP performance. With a set of these wheels you push your fingerboard another step into the direction of a real skateboard. YWheels are dualbearing wheels. They work perfect together with Ytrucks. If you use Blackriver-Trucks you need to gleu in the nuts and you´re ready to go! Get this or some other color directly over here: Click! Some more product blogs of other colors will follow within the next days. Just received my first sponsor package and it was filled with tons of Yellowlife! Set them up and got directly into 4. place at the Hattingen Contest :-)

Thanks again Philippe!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


URBAN RESIZE / Hands Therapy 50

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Piratenholz – Insta Raffle0

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Big In Japan0

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Wednesday with Hansen0

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Thomas Hansen @ Hattingen Contest


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