Fingerboard TV is the first video magazine, dedicated to fingerboarding. Besides the videos we provide the hottest news, pictures and product updates. Over the years, Fingerboard TV has become one of the biggest news-sites in fingerboarding, spreading news to about 2.500 readers daily.

Fingerboard TV – From 2009 till infinity

Everything started in 2009 with the idea to provide news and interviews from the fingerboard scene. Martin Beckmann and Bastian Stegen founded the site back in the days. Until today, Fingerboard TV is a low budget project with a lot of passion. We try to provide all the good news to the people. One of our aims is to connect the different scenes We love european fingerboarding and this site got the reach to connect the different european fingerboard scenes. Nonetheless we love all the other scenes, like the american or the asian too.

Fingerboard TV – In english???

We provide all of our news in english. English is basically a worldwide spoken language, so most of the fingerboarders all around the world can understand the stuff we publish. Based in Germany, we have access to one of the biggest scenes and we can broadband all the news from this scene to all the people all around the world.

Fingerboard TV – We love our readers

We‘d like to say „big thanks“ to all our readers. You‘re fingerboarding and we‘re all one big family. Keep the scene alive!

Who are you?


Hi my name is Bastian Stegen. I’m born in the late 80’s and I ride fingerboard for many years now. I’m one of the dudes behind too. Born in the Internet and addicted since 56k, I startet all the blog thingy in 2005. I founded FingerboardTV in 2009 together with Martin Beckmann and we like running the site until today. Catch me on Facebook or at an event near you! You can visit my other sites Wearables Tech and Golden-Unicorn: Einhorn Devotionalien too.


Hi my name is Martin Beckmann and I´m living in one of the most beautiful cities on earth: Mönchengladbach. Getting addicted to fingerboarding was easy for me and getting addicted in making videos too. After many years of dedication I decided to combine it and created together with Bastian Stegen FingerboardTV and hopefully our project will run till we die.

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