The Future of FingerboardTV

July 1, 2021 by MartinB. | 1:56 pm

Hey guys and girls,

maybe you are wondering why there are no new updates on the site. I was on vacation for the last two weeks and now I´m back.

Within this I had the time to overthink this project and what to do with it.

The website has a stable amount of daily clicks and it´s the same on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. BUT it´s work. Updating the site is work. It´s time I need to take for it.

A couple of months ago I started posting “support fingerboardTV” stuff on Instagram and the other sites. Just simple with a donate Paypal link. What do you think how many people supported the site? 55.000 Follower only on Insta, several updates with the support fingerboardTV posting. Overall a good range of these postings. Even some postings on Facebook, the website and on Youtube. So what do you think? Just guess a number! Well, ten. Ten people supportet this project with some money. I know seven of these ten in person.

To be honest, I was disappointed of this reaction of the scene. Don´t get me worng, I´m not running this project for money. Otherwise I would have closed it already ten years ago. But only ten?! This totally robbed my motivation. Everything became meaningless.

Maybe my range of these postings was to low? Well, Asi Berlin, Blackriver and some others were gentle enough and posted the support fingerboardTV thing a few weeks ago as well. Probably a bigger range as mine? Well, nobody donated something after this.

At the end I came to the result, that the scene doesnt´t need fingerboardTV anymore. I was still disappointed and suprised and I still am. I mean, I´m using my range on every plattform to support companies, who probably sell more after promoting their products. I´m supporting single fingerboarders, who get more attention. I support events, who get more visitors. I made a lot of fingerboard event videos to share the joy of fingerboarding. But maybe I´m wrong and the support and time I gave over the last years were worthless. I don´t know.

So the website will be closed today.

The website will stay on the internet as a fingerboard archive until the next planned settlement date of the webhoster is here. After this the website will be offline. It´s the same over at flickr. Take your time and browse through the last 12 years of international fingerboarding content. Check out old pictures of events and products.

I will continue fingerboardTV on social media. But I´m overthinking this as well. Product blogs won´t disappear, they will just change a bit and will be posted on social media. Same rules as before. Need to create some new formats for social media as well. So consider it as in progress.

Won´t quit the scene forever, but won´t pay more money for this.




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