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May 31, 2014 by MartinB. | 8:26 am

SHARKY! You know this name? Well, Eduardo Luna Paz is one of the best fingerboarders in Peru. Not a big surprise he got his promodel deck on PlanktOon, huh!? Let´s start right now:



And another one:

A Shakejunt rip-off combined with w**d? Green, gold, diamonds? Check out Sharky´s massive skills on youtube: Click!

The graphic is limited to 50 pieces so be quick and order yours over at the PlanktOon webstore: Click!

PlanktOon products are well done. The craftmanship is awwsome, the deck got a contemporary size and the graphic quality is nice. A cool thing about the brand PlanktOon: they support nearly every contest –> worldwide! You can see true fingerboarding dedication and thats wheat we really need. We need to push fingerboarding forward.

You think about ordering something? Do it! The package came in without any damage. PlanktOon is a trusted source for great fingerboarding products. If you have a shop —> distribute them.

Please check out the PlanktOon facebook page: Click! and the website: Click! and show some love.

THX again for this awesome package, I really appreciate!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


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Axel Wahl!


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