Neronov Vlad – ‘Night Ride Part1’

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30 Minutes Ago

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REMINDER: Halloween Fingerboarding

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Helden vom Mikrokosmos

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Product Blog: G-Sheets – Fingerboard Tape

October 15, 2018 by MartinB. | 7:39 am

I remember the times when BRR dropped their first riptape. The sheets were precut sheets for Tech Decks and the old Berlinwood G1 decks. Some couple of (maybe) years Katha dropped her FBS tape. For several years these two sorts of tape were the only tapes you can get and the only tapes you could really use with a great performance.

In the fingerboard scene everything changed. Back in the days you got only a few deck/wheel/truck companies. In these days and the days of Instagram there are a lot more fingerboarding companies for every product. Hate it or love it.

Tape companies are growing on daily basis, just because a lot of kids out there thinking about making some quick money with foamtape. If you are a real fingerboarder you should know: tape is not tape. You need a good one. The right one. One with great performance and grip.

Sooooo, some weeks ago I´ve received a letter with fingerboard tape. This letter was sent by Mr. Ismael Garcia from Cannon Artesia (NM). He is the owner of this brand and a soldier as well, working for the US army. I couldn´t imagine how tough it is to run a fingerboard company with all the shipping and stock stuff and beeing a member of the army at the same time. When you´re joining the army in Germany you´re just based somewhere and you are not at home for months.

Let´s have a look at his tape. The company is called G-Sheets and he is offering fingerboard tape. Classic and black. Check it out:

GSheets - Fingerboard Tape


GSheets - Fingerboard Tape

Only 1mm thick!


GSheets - Fingerboard Tape GSheets - Fingerboard Tape

And one more:

GSheets - Fingerboard Tape

G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNIT! Nope, not this time. No 50Cent or whatever over here. Btw what happends to the G-Unit? You hear nothing about them in Europe anymore. Back to the Tape: you can get 5/7 packs of black fingerboard tape at G-Sheets. The tape is about 36mm Wide x 110mm Long so it fits to all fingerboard decks. Having the tape in my hands, you can really feel the fine pores. This tape is a mix between FBS and BRR but it´s even softer than both of them. I really like how it feels. Just racked my latest setup with a G-Sheet now and while fingerboarding it performs superb. Really like it. Just get a pack of this tape, you won´t regret ordering. The new logo of this brand and the small sticker look superb as well!

I´m riding it, I`m loving it. Order some tape at G-Sheets: Click! and show some love at the INstagram site: @gsheetsfb

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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Stacked – Stock On!

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Jacks & Queen

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