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Product Blog: Coffee Decks – Split Bear

May 7, 2017 by MartinB. | 11:00 am

Today I got something new over here at fingerboardTV. This is the first time in the history of fingerboardTV that I´ve received a letter from Sweden! Sweden is officially the “Kingdom of Sweden”. Sweden is a scandinavian country in Northern Europe and this country is knwon as the land of innovation. And one more important thing about Sweden? There is a urban myth going on that Sweden has the most beautiful blond girls. So I´ve started a scientific research about this myth on the WWW and it seems to be true. If you search for swedish girls most of them are tight, blond and beautiful/hot. So if you come to Europe and looking for a blonde = go to Sweden. If you are more into brunettes = you should visit Portugal.

So this product blog is a about the swedish bear (haha, like back in the ’70). I´ve received a letter from Cristofher last week. Cristofher is the owner of Coffee Decks (@coffeedecks on instagram). He was gentle as f*uck and sent me his latest creation, a Coffee Decks splitply bear deck:

Coffee Decks - Bear Split


Coffee Decks - Bear Split

That middle ply makes a great contrast.


Coffee Decks - Bear Split Coffee Decks - Bear Split Coffee Decks - Bear Split

Coffee Decks - Bear Split Coffee Decks - Bear Split Coffee Decks - Bear Split

Coffee Decks - Bear Split Coffee Decks - Bear Split


And one More:

Coffee Decks - Bear Split

Cristofher told me in his little letter the story how he started Coffee decks. He was a member of the FBHQ forum back in the days and thought about starting his own fingerboard brand. Not for the money, only for fun. Long story short, he was into coffee too so the name came up rather quickly and Coffee Decks was born in the summer of 2016.

And this deck looks just awesome. You got a combination of the light wood with this dark brown bear. The splitply art got a really precise cut and the craftmanship is all over perfect. So basic and so cool. The shipping from Sweden to Germany only took about 4 days. That´s fast!

Cristofher only uses a bettsander to create his decks. He drills the decks by hand and the mold is made of the Coffee Decks original shape. This process of creating a great fingerboard makes every fingerboard to a true one of a kind fingerboard deck. As a small little extra he puts some coffee beans in every package. This is a really great idea because when you open the package you got that fine smell of coffee.

Every package contains a deck, some beans, some stickers and a sheet of foamtape. The tape is made by Fiveluckfingerboards (@Fiveluckfingerboards on Instagram).

I´m really sorry to tell, but there is now Coffee Decks website/webshop at the moment. The only way to order is a dm on Instagram @coffeedecks. Go there, leave a like and contact Cristofher for a deck. There is a lot of potential so give him a blast!

Thanks a lot Cristofher for this awesome deck. If I ever come to Sweden I will let you know and we will have some blonde (beers) together. Haha

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


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