Blackriver-Store Berlin – A Tribute

March 14, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:33 am

The Blackriver Store Berlin is one of the most popular and important places for the fingerboard scene in Germany and worldwide. This video is a tribute to all the goodtimes I had at this place in the past years. Blackriver Store Berlin FOREVER!



March 14, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:15 am




March 13, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:22 am

Cologne Fingerboard Session


Fingerboard Contest – Moscow

March 13, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:10 am




March 13, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:07 am


Happy birthday!

March 13, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:05 am

Arnau Espejo Figuerola!


Ode to the Harric’s

March 12, 2017 by MartinB. | 7:08 pm


Urban Talks – Nature Fingerboards

March 12, 2017 by MartinB. | 7:54 am

Hey Folks, its ya boiii Onkel Urban back at it again with another review. A while ago a company named „FB-Nature“ hit me up on Instagram. The owner is such a cool guy and a real old school o.g. skater that I was totally in when he told me that he is doing decks.

Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

He sent me two decks, a street shape and an oldschool shape.

Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

The streetshape is 34mm wide, 98mm long, medium concave and medium kicks.

Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

The oldschool-shape is 35mm wide, 92,5mm long, more likely a flat concave and kicks.

So I know sometimes it tough so hear my honest opinion but you have to deal with that when you send me stuff. Craftsmanship is totally okay. The decks are well pressed and the edge sanding is okay as well. The drillholes and countersinks are scruffy, well that can sometimes happen when the drill is worn out, but it’s still possible to easily screw trucks on . The laque on the street-shape is unclean but he already told me that his daughter touched the decks after preparing them, well you can ignore the paint job in my opinion. The paintjob on the oldschool deck is good and so is the graphic. Graphics and design are sweet and easy.

Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

I won’t rate the packaging because there is actually no packing which is okay. There is room for improvement and I’m sure he will do that. I think it’s good when you have some room, otherwise you never learn smth new.

So, in future I am going to give a rating which could look like this.


Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

Craftmanship: 6/10
Design & Graphic: 6 /10
Packaging: -/10
Shape: 8/10


Urban Talks - Nature Fingerboards

Craftmanship: 7/10
Design & Graphic: 8 /10
Packaging: -/10
Shape: 8/10

He is such a cool dude and Dad, so he totally deserves that you check out his work. He is only available via Instagram. Cool guy, good vibes. Thank you again for sending me those decks!

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

Check his Instagram : @fbnature77

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►Facebook : Onkel_Urban
►Youtube : Onkel_Urban


Winsen – Results

March 12, 2017 by MartinB. | 7:42 am

1. Raul Jörgensen
2. Lukas Biesel
3. Onkel Urban


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