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Product Blog: DK Fingerboards – Boardrails V.2

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Pete – the owner of TNP – sents me an ultra dope tuning package some weeks ago. Check out my review about the TNP nuts and tape right over here: Click!

In the package wasn´t just the TNP tuning stuff! Some DK Fingerboards boardrails were included! So let´s have a look at some nice light orange fingerboard boardrails:

DK Fingerboards - Nude Rails


DK Fingerboards - Nude Rails

The rounded shape should avoid hang ups.


DK Fingerboards - Nude Rails DK Fingerboards - Nude Rails

And one more:

DK Fingerboards - Nude Rails

At the moment fingerboard boardrails are still super trendy. I don´t need them on my normal fingerboard and only use them at a oldschool deck. But you guys out there use them on just every deck :-D This is the reason why such a big load of companies produce them in different colors, swirls and shapes.

The DK boardrails are in a classic shape. These rails have been improved over the first generation, slightly wider, smaller screw heads and holes and a good amount of extra slide have all been added to the mix. These realistic molded boardrails come with micro self tapping screws for easy installation. Each pack contains 2 board rails and 8 mounting screws.

You want to get some? Well, hop over to my favorite seller in the UK = TNP: Click! Pete has all the colors in stock, so take the perfect one for your fingerboard!

:-* Pete!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

The camera I´ve used for these pictures ► http://bit.ly/fingerboardtvcamera
The lens I´ve used for these pictures ► http://bit.ly/fingerboardtvmacro


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