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Product Blog: Italian Fingerboards – Art Series

March 27, 2019 by MartinB. | 10:19 am

Welcome to the second Italian Fingerboards product blog. As you hopefully know, Italy is not about soccer, pizza and icecream and there more cities than Rome :-) In Italy there are fingerboarders too…

Some days after I´ve dropped my Mustacheese product blog on this site, I´ve received a message from Sebastiano on Instagram. Sebastiano is the owner of Italian Fingerboards. He wrote me a message because of my thoughts about the fingerboard scene in Europe and in Italy. As some of you might know, Italy had a strong fingerboard scene back in the days. I´m really happy about the fact, there are still some fingerboarders left in Italy. In these hard days for fingerboarding the scene is getting much smaller in every country, but a little core will hopefully survive in every country of this planet, sharing the love of fingerboarding. Maybe every fingerboarder need something like a push to come back!? The talents are out there!

I´m really happy that another brand from Italy discoverd fingerboardTV and sent me some decks. Today we will take a look at some art series from Italy:

Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams


Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams


Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams

Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams


And one more:

Italian Fingerboards - Purple Dreams

Italian Fingerboards was born in 2018. So this brand is quite new to the scene. Sebastiano had one aim for this brand: giving fingerboarding in Italy a voice on the international scene. In Italy it seems like a new community is growing. There are new events and new fingerboarders show up. To push the new community, Sebastiano decided to start making decks. He just wanted a fingerboard which is handmade in Italy with love and passion. Consider Italian fingerboarding not only as a brand or as decks, consider it as a new and fresh air for a scene.

About the deck. This deck is made from exotic woods from Italy. The bottom ply is handpainted with several cvolors. It combines straight silver with purple tones. It totally reminds my on mermaids, I really don´t know why, but I´m not the biggest art dude out there. On this deck Sebastiano worked together with his mother. He made the deck and his mother paint them. Why? Sebastianos mother is a painter and makes – besides art on fingerboards – real paintings. So it makes sense, that Sebastianos mom paints the decks. The colors are overall strong and I think it will look even beter after some slides when the colors mix together and you got that “real” slide look. Paint will work for this even better than a real wear graphic.

The deck is about 34mm wide and the countersinks are deep, straight and clean. Nose and tail of this deck has a normal popsicle shape. The shape is all over medium and it is pressed clean. Nothing warped and the sanding-job is fine. This is “just” a solid, good, clean, up to date fingerboard and this time with some art on it.

“Pushing the scene foward” is the aim of Italian Fingerboards. Sebastiano offers normal blank decks for only 14,90 € and art-series decks for 29,90 € including shippment (worldwide), stickers and a sheet of tape.

The only way to order such a nice Italian fingerboard deck is a DM on Instagram. Just contact Sebastiano right over here: @italian_fingerboarding The art-series decks are allways one of a kind decks. So if these are sold you won´t get them again.

THX a lot Sebastiano for you patience and these nice fingerboard decks! Can´t wait whats dropping next!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


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