Greasy – Stock On!

February 12, 2017 by MartinB. | 5:46 pm

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Livin with my moms

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Happy birthday!

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Nelson Sousa!


Fingerboarding @ IKEA

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Product Blog: Planktoon – Golden Ticket

February 11, 2017 by MartinB. | 2:58 pm

All that glitter ain´t gold, right?! But this is pure fingerboarding gold combined with glitter.

To set up a great fingerboard you need a great fingerboard deck. Indonesia got a fast grow-ing scene and a lot of companies working to improve their products more and more. Planktoon is one of these companies!

Today I will show you the second part of the latest letter from Planktoon. This golden beauty is the latest creation from Planktoon. Look at this shiny and glamorous b*stard:

Planktoon - Golden Ticket


Planktoon - Golden Ticket

The W4 got the new Planktoon taste. Size: 99mm x 32mm with medium kicks and concave. At Planktoon it´s possible to choose the shape you like!


Planktoon - Golden Ticket Planktoon - Golden Ticket Planktoon - Golden Ticket

Planktoon - Golden Ticket Planktoon - Golden Ticket Planktoon - Golden Ticket

Planktoon - Golden Ticket Planktoon - Golden Ticket


And one more:

Planktoon - Golden Ticket

As I said in the introduction Planktoon is a company from Indonesia. This “golden ticket” deck is another great deck and graphic from Planktoon. You can see true fingerboarding dedication and thats what we really need in these days.
The craftsmanship fits into the high Planktoon standard, well done! All Planktoon products I got up to now are well done. The deck got the W4 shape with a contemporary size, shape and the quality of this golden layer and print is awesome. So shiny! Planktoon got even some more (golden) glitter boards in their lineup!

Planktoon is really dedicated to the worldwide fingerboard scene. This brand sponsors nearly every contest everywhere on planet earth. AND the stuff is SUPERB! I always enjoy getting a package from Planktoon :-) Even if I need to go to the customs office :-D
You think about ordering something? Do it! Planktoon is a trusted source for great finger-boarding products. The shipping always have a tracking number and is really fast for half the globe shipping!

Please check out the Planktoon facebook page: Click! and the website: Click! and show some social media love.

THX again for this awesome package, I really appreciate!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!



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Fast Fingers 2017 – Cancelled

February 10, 2017 by MartinB. | 7:53 am

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we are quite sure a lot of you guys have already been waiting for us to announce the date of the 8th fingerboard world championship (Fast Fingers #20). Unfortunately we are forced to postpone the event to 2018. There are quite a few reasons for this decision and we would like to share them with you:

The first reason has to do with the location. For years we had been renting the same event location – a location perfectly fitting the spatial needs for all the fingerboard-parks and visitors. The owners, however, needed the event location as storage room, so we had to clear out the location a few weeks ago, We found an interesting alternative location within the same building complex, but both the owner and the municipal administration need to agree and legally approve it as an event location. Permissions are pending.

The second reason is of financial nature, because without a date and a location it is almost impossible to initiate proper negotiations with potential sponsors for the event.
All in all Fast Fingers has never been profitable not even with the support of sponsors – but we didn’t care, because we could afford it and we organized it for the sake of fun.
Given our current situation we can’t get this huge event going this year unfortunately,

Blackriver has been around since 1999 and being in a pioneer position it is still a tough struggle to survive most of the times. Not having sponsors, pending permissions for a potential location and having to deal with a difficult financial situation in general, we have no other choice but to postpone the event to 2018, We have been speculating about a “light” version of Fast Fingers, but to be honest holding this event for the 20th time, we do not want it to be a “light” version. We want it to be at least as entertaining, mind blowing, memorable and great as the years before.

With new brands emerging everywhere every day (which positively has to be seen as a sign of a creative and vivid fingerboard scene) it gets harder to survive while keeping events, contests, sessions, event sponsoring etc. going at the same time.
Just like in skateboarding this development has an effect on established cultural institutions like the Fast Fingers event and the Blackriver Store in Berlin, which also has to struggle to make ends meet each month.

Only time will tell how the future will look like. Blackriver will always play an active role in fingerboarding and with your support on the right track we are probably able to present you further incomparable fingerboard events.

Anyhow, it feels like we have to take a deep breath in order to celebrate a stunning Fast Fingers #20 next year! :-) Thanks for your understanding.

Your Blackriver Team



Iguana X Skowood – Cpllabo Stock

February 10, 2017 by MartinB. | 7:49 am


Out tomorrow: Click!


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