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Switchcraft Podcast – Episode 31 – Interview with Angga Panda from Papanjari

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Product Blog: Darkwood Fingerboards – 90th wheels

February 9, 2021 by MartinB. | 10:47 am

Hello fingerboarders from all over the world! Say “HI!” to fingerboarding in Russia again!

It seems like fingerboarding in Russia too and it´s getting bigger and bigger. You still see a lot of new videos on YouTube of people you haven´t seen before and on instagram are even more russian fingerboard brands. So hopefully there is a growing scene in Russia, not only because of Corona. Every time I check out the ProFB shop website I see a lot of great products made by brands from Russia. Too bad I don´t understand the language on so many russian fingerboard websites.

So this is not the first time for russian fingerboard products here on fingerboardTV. The last time I´ve featured Darkwood Fingerboards on this site was with some really nice fingerboard deck. Since Darkwood is an evolving fingerboard company there are hyper good fingerboard wheels available too.

And today we will take a look at some really modern wheels: 90th fingerboarding wheels! A little back to the future vibe is floating around us. So let´s have a look at these wheels:

Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey


Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey



Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey

Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey

And one more:

Darkwood Fingerboards - 90th dark grey

Talking about modern fingerboarding and 90th wheels!? Well, yes. In the 90th really small wheels were hip. Super baggy clothes and just super small wheels. And like every trend is coming back some years later, it´s the same with these wheels. 90th wheels are hot and these wheels are getting more and more popular in the fingerboard scene. Darkwood Fingerboards is not the only brand to offer wheels in this size.

The wheels are about 6.3x5mm big. and with this size and this shape of the wheels you get true 90th feelings. These wheels are professional urethane fingerboard wheels. They creak realistically on wood, concrete and stone. Equipped with ABEC7 bearings you ride smoothly on all surfaces. The wheels fit to Brr, Ytrucks and Dynamics. For other fingerboard trucks you better use the Fingerboardstore washer. these weheels give you the ultimate 90th feeling with some super hyped color.

With these wheels you get a realistic feeling. The urethane fits perfect on the bearing. Get some wheels NOW: CLICK! If you don´t like this color, there are other colors available as well. Just browse around the webshop. This pack of wheels was combined with a tuning set. The tuning set in the package contains some boardrails with screws and some classic truck tuning + stickers.

Get in contact with Dwarkwood Fingerboards on:

Instagram: @darkwood.fingerboards
Webshop: Click!
YouTube: Click!
Facebook: Click!

and support the fingerboard scene in Russia. Even if you won´t buy a set of wheels like this at Darkwood, check out some pictures and clips on YouTube and Instagram and give some likes and write down some comments. Only an active community is a good community. Only this will let the international scene grow together

THX a lot for this big package. More product blogs are about to come soon.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


Goat on the road – Stock On!

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