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Product Blog: Unique Decks – Cone Juvie

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Today it´s Tag der Deutschen Einheit in Germany. That means it´s holiday for this day in Germany to celebrate the Fall Of The Berlin Wall in 1989. Since then Berlin isn´t divided by the wall anymore and a good reason to celebrate. Holiday means some spare time for family and friedns and probably for writing a product blog.

A few days ago we talked about the Carapace Cruiser from Unique Decks and today we will take a look at the second deck of the package. It´s the Unique “cone” graphic deck:

Unique Decks - Cone


Unique Decks - Cone

Isn´t it lovely??? The shape of the deck is called the “Juvie” shape. You can get Unique decks in this shape, the “Nesting” and the “Hatchling” shape. This deck is about solid 33mm wide. Check out the difference between Unique shapes:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-29 um 13.37.17

As you probably can see, the JUVIE is the most medium shape with high kicks you can get at Unique Decks. This shape is perfect for any rider and even beginners. Pop and flick with ease. Modern and reactive, the Juvie is the newest addition to the lineup.


Unique Decks - Cone Unique Decks - Cone Unique Decks - Cone

Unique Decks - Cone Unique Decks - Cone Unique Decks - Cone

Unique Decks - Cone Unique Decks - Cone


And one more:

Unique Decks - Multi Logo

I´m a big fan of Mallorys work with Unique Decks since the company was started in 2011. I was really really happy when the package from Mallory arrived at my mailbox. The word unique means “einzigartig” in german. And this is really it. You won´t find a brand like Unique in the fingerboard scene more than once. There are many companies that want to be cool and hyped. The #uniquegang thing is hype, and cool and awesome since ever!

A cone is something like a sign for safety. When you see a cone in traffic it means slow down, don´t ride on this lane, caution wet floor or whatever. It´s a basic thing and you probably see it daily.

Mallory has a long realatioship with fingerboarding and started the company in 2011. Getting a fancy, cool and well done fingerboard should be a good reason to support Unique. The craftmanship on this deck is perfect. The shape is well done and you can really see the years of experience. The graphic of the deck is fucking colorful and floral. The blue is bright and it matches perfect to the orange of the cone. The real wear graphic has super intense colors. Mallory only produces small batches and when the stock is available the decks are sold out really quick. This deck is made from five plies of hand dyed maple veneer with perfectly aligned holes and countersinks, some crispy and responsive pop and the genuine skateboard heat transfer graphics. The graphic wears off as realistic as possbile.

At the moment there are a few cruisers left in stock. Be quick and get one: Click! @uniquedecks on Instagram says, that the next geometry stock will be up on thursday:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-03 um 13.03.01

at 4pm PDT (7pm EDT 12am GMT [midnight]). Due to high demand, the boards are only available while supplies last. If you have missed this stock, you missed it. Be aware of the upcoming stock releases so you can grab the deck you’ve been eyeing. Subscribe to the mailing list on the unique website, follow @uniquedecks on Instagram, and check the website regularly for stock updates: Click!

THX a lot Mallory for this package. Just keep your creative outlet going like this. I´m a big fan of your work and will keep an eye on you ;-)

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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