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Product Blog: Flatface – Woodprint Jay0

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Yoooouuuu guess right! Another thing I got since Berlin:-)
After several years this is the very first time we got a Flatface product blog @ FBTV :-)
So don´t waste time and check directly this wooden JAY:



And another one:

The first edition of special G14 decks are the graphic decks, with a wood printed graphic by Jay Linehan on a white bottom ply. The graphic comes in four different colorways and is limited to the first batch of decks only, and then will never be made again! We printed these directly onto the wood, with the original method I have been using since 9 or 10 years ago on my first graphic decks. They are lacquered over and extremely durable and long lasting.

FlatFace Decks are the product of over ten years of deck making by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider. Numerous shapes, materials, and production methods have been tested over the years to produce the best performing fingerboard possible. The latest generation is the G14 deck, which is based off the super popular G13 shape and improved even more. The shape has been changed for a shorter wheelbase giving you more control and better feeling. They have medium concave and are designed with performance in mind. Each deck is 32mm wide for a comfortable wide controlled feeling. The nose is slightly higher than the tail exactly like a real skateboard, this helps performance as your front finger slides up the deck and scoops it up for ollies, flip tricks, etc. as it catches the nose. The entire deck is made of carefully selected, rock solid woods. Colored plies are vibrantly dyed all the way through for a crisp look and every ply selection is carefully selected for proper weight. Holes are machine drilled with extreme precision, so trucks fit perfectly every time in the exact right spot for optimum performance. Each deck is laquered with a special method, solidifying the wood and adding pop and durability as well as a vibrant shine.

We haven´t seen woodprints since a long time. Back in 2007/2008 woodprints were pretty normal but in these days you won´t see decks like this everywhere. And the print quality is way higher like back in the days. Another cool thing for the people without “expensive” trucks –> you got kingpin holes.

And the quote from the Flatface website is true. This is my first Flatface deck ever and it´s a well done deck with a up to date shape. Mike got such a lot fingerboarding know-how as you can see at Flatface and all Flatface products. Passion let it gain!

You can get those decks right here: Click!
And you should really show some love at the Flatface Facebook page: Click!

THX a lot for this deck Mike!

All images are hosted on my Flickr: Click!



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Fingercan – Tape Galore0

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Congratz! Well done video & tape!



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Restock @ TNP0

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CRUDE – Big Opening Today0

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Yeah fuck yeah! Crude stuff is awesome! Big shop opening today: Click!


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