Tommaso Busoni wins Fast Fingers #19

May 29, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:52 am

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-29 um 05.48.38

Congratz! NEW worldchampion!

Overall it´s really sad I wasn´t there. Hopefully you liked the instagram stream! Big shoutout to Marcus. He´s going to sleep in his car now. He just sent me a voicemail at 5:40 :-D Well done brother!

And big THX to Earn/Timo and the others streaming the finals on facebook. :-****


Happy birthday!

May 29, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:44 am



Fast Fingers #19 – Livestream

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 4:24 pm

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This year there is no livestream at Fast Fingers 19. Thats the reason why I arranged a fingerboardTV reporter at the event. None other than Marcus Weiß aka Frank The Tank is taking pictures exclusive for fingerboardTV. So watch the picture stream as a sort of livestream on our instagram. I do my best to keep you guys updated. I still cant believe that I´m not in Schwarzenbach :-(




Product Blog: Yellowood – The Keychain

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 10:49 am

Gimmick alert!

Some days ago I´ve received another big package from Yellowood. It contains some fingerboarding and clothing stuff. And even this little gimmick was in the box to. The Yellowood keychain:

Yellowood - Keychain


Yellowood - Keychain


Yellowood - Keychain Yellowood - Keychain Yellowood - Keychain


And one more:

Yellowood - Keychain

A lot of time and experiments were made until this final keychain model easy way to lock and unlock your Fingerboard setup from your keys. Quality tests were made to ensure you don´t loose your setup.

More than one company created something cool to carry your fingerboard with you. Thats a tough job! Do you choose a little bag, a wallet, the fingerboard in your pocket or a keychain now?!

Well, I think the keychain is the perfect solution for all the fingerboarder who carry around less. Personally I put my fingerboard in the YWallet together with one or two tools and other small stuff. If you´re the kind of fingerboarder who puts his fingerboard in the pocket, this could be perfect for you. The fingerboard fits really tight in the keychain. You can run and won´t lose it. And the keychain is pretty small! It doesn´t take a lot of space but gives some more saveness to you 100+ euro setup.

Stop waiting and order something at Yellowood right now. All orders above 100€ get a wallet and a keychain for free!!! If you just want to buy a keychain: Click!

You want to get more information about Yellwood? Well check out the website: Click!, the facebook page: Click! and search for Yellowood on instagram.

Thanks again for this huge package Philippe!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


Remntvous 23

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 10:22 am


Fast Fingers #19 – The Final Park?!

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:20 am

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-28 um 05.18.10

Picture by Toni Montana.


Berlinwood‬ X ‪Envoyage

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:10 am


Out soon!


Stoned Obstacles @ Fast Fingers 19

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:07 am


Have fun while shredding folks!


Happy birthday!

May 28, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:05 am

Hennemann & Alldhika Ganessha!


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