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Cologne Fingerboard Session


Catfishbbq – Stock On!

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BERLIN – This Saturday

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Drake and Mike

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Rendezvous 25

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Product Blog: Planktoon – Galaxy Barrier

August 30, 2017 by MartinB. | 5:20 pm

Last week I´ve received a big big letter from Indonesia again. This package was sent by Planktoon Fingerboards. A lot of goodies in the package AGAIN and today I will start with part one.

Planktoon Fingerboards are not only making decks, they create ramps, rails, trucks and everything. Today I will show you the Planktoon Fingerboards – I would call it – “Galaxy Barrier”:

Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier


Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier


Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier


And one more:

Planktoon - Galaxy Barrier

This ramp is handmade by Planktoon Fingerboards. It´s formulated from high quality ingredients that had been tested durability. I would call the material urethane/plastic but I really don´t know what it is exactly.

This small barrier/parking block thing makes your park more colorful and is fun to ride. If you think this ramp is dedicated to slappy tricks only = you´re wrong. It´s small enough for every slappy you like and big enough for really skilled riding. And for sure it slides like butter!

Check out the Planktoon webshop and order something really cool for you park and/or you fingers.

I really appreciate the fact, that Planktoon from Indonesia sends packages for many years now. This company shares a lot more stuff with fingerboardTV than some other companies, even from Europe. I really don´t take this for granted and really really appreciate this!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!



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Battle At The Harrics #7 - Berlin 2016



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