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March 1, 2019 by MartinB. | 7:42 am

The history of ASI Berlin is a long one in the fingerboard scene. The evolution of ASI Berlin BRIXX is a fast one. The first stock came up in 2014. TKY “borrowed” stones on Berlin streets and created fingerboard ramps. Some years later he started creating his first own concrete ramps with his own molds. If you follow @asi_berlin_shop you see daily new videos and every second day there is a new concrete ASI BRIXX ramp i the video. TKY and his kind of fingerboarding style are really creative so it is just normal that such a guy creates creative ramps. The mold for this ramp was made in collaboration with Gretel, the owner of Big Beudl.

Well, I think thats not the right name. TKY should call this item plumber’s helper or something with Star Trek since this thing looks like the Enterprise. So today we will take a look at one of the latest creations at the ASI BRIXX lab, the mothership:

ASI Brixx - Mothership


ASI Brixx - Mothership

1500g of concrete in 34 × 16 × 9 cm! Heavy and long.


ASI Brixx - Mothership ASI Brixx - Mothership ASI Brixx - Mothership

ASI Brixx - Mothership


And one more:

ASI Brixx - Mothership

This ramp is made from concrete. It´s spray painted with several colors and this is the reason why this ramp got that fancy jawbreaker look. This is something like a curb with a volcano quarter at the end. And it´s a rollercoaster ledge too. I think you got more than endless tricks to do on this once you are into it. Just check out the ASI Insta page @asi_berlin_shop. The guys of the ASI bootcamp just destroy every curb! The Brixx logo is tagged by hand on the ramp. This gives the ramp some sort of trashyghettocredibility. Because this ramp is made from concrete it rolls perfect and the sound is squeezy. This ramp is the next step in the evolution in the history of ASI BRIXX. It´s great to see whats possible when to great people come together!

How to order? Well, Timo worked a lot on the webshop for the last months. The shop is available NOW and you could order this ramp for only 20 Euro right over here: Click! If you don´t like online shopping then go to the ASI Berlin Shop in Berlin or contact Timo directly on Instagram (@asi_berlin_shop).You can order everything via dm too. Feel free and write Timo a message! With every order you help Timo to keep this place alive.

Good job Timo! Good job Gretel! I really appreciate your support over all these years!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


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