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November 12, 2017 by MartinB. | 12:58 pm

See me ride out of the sunset
On your colour TV screen
Out for all that I can get
If you know what I mean
Women to the left of me
And women to the right
Ain’t got no gun
Ain’t got no knife
Don’t you start no fight

‘Cause I’m TKY, I’m dynamite
(TKY) and I’ll win the fight
(TKY) I’m a power load
(TKY) watch me explode…..

In february 2017 I´ve received a package from Timo Kranz. He just wanted to say “Thank You” and sent me something special. This piece of art wasn´t available in february. It was generated together with Catita. So in my opinion the name “the hidden cupcake” fits perfect to this board. So lets have a look at a good looking Berlinwood with the TKY Blackriver-Store homage graphic:

Berlinwood - TKY Pro

Why is this a homage? Well, I think the deck was created back then to celebrate all the stuff Timo did together with the Blackriver-Store Berlin for our scene. Lots of events went down, lots of good moments and the best place in Germany for fingerboarders from all over the world.


Berlinwood - TKY Pro

33.3mm Berlinwood power! Everybody knows about it.


Berlinwood - TKY Pro Berlinwood - TKY Pro Berlinwood - TKY Pro

Berlinwood - TKY Pro Berlinwood - TKY Pro Berlinwood - TKY Pro


And one more:

Berlinwood - TKY Pro

I´ve kept this graphic as a secret for months now. I didn´t expect this will be ever available. Great to see that this board is available now. BUT, it´s only available in Berlin. Timo Kranz is now running the ASI Berlin Shop in Berlin now. It´s a independent fingerboard store with a new concept. Timo will work together with a lot of companies to create special products and collabos for our scene. And this Berlinwood is one of these items. At the moment it´s only available at the ASI Berlin Shop. If you can´t make it to the store you could dm Timo on instagram (@asi_berlin_shop) and facebook. Every sold item helps him to keep this place alive for fingerboarders from all over the world. The scene in Germany is getting much smaller in these days, so a place like this need global support.

The ASI Berlin online shop will be available soon. So the only way to order is on insta and facebook now. This and more new graphics are available as t-shirts too. As I said, just get in contact with Timo!

THX a lot for everything you´ve done for me and you´ve done for our scene. Keep fighting! (@asi_berlin_shop)

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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