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September 7, 2017 by MartinB. | 5:43 pm

Two parts of the Planktoon package are still left. Today we will take a look at something new from Rool Wheels. The brand new “Red Stamp” single bearing wheels made from the finest urethane:

Rool Wheels - Stamps


Rool Wheels - Stamps

The size of these wheels is about 8mm and the cut of the wheels is the flat shape.


Rool Wheels - Stamps Rool Wheels - Stamps Rool Wheels - Stamps

Rool Wheels - Stamps Rool Wheels - Stamps Rool Wheels - Stamps


And one more:

Rool Wheels - Stamps

These wheels are single bearing wheels. The color is nice, solid and clear and the Planktoon website says they glow in the dark. In da fuckin´ dark! The wheels are made from the finest urethane and the package is a Rool Wheels classic.

The front of the wheels is stamped and painted. As you could see on the pictures the Rool wheels letters are stamped “into” the material of the wheels and the letters are painted red after stamping. For me it´s the first time I got stamped wheels like this. This is a nice and new feature and the wheels are still perfect and round after the stamp.

This colorway is not available on the site at the moment. Get maybe red/white ones? Click! The wheels are available with colored letters on solid white or as fully swirled wheels. Just take the combo you like right over here: Click!

These wheels fit on TOP Trucks and Ytrucks with the classic wheel extender. BTW you could get this great item right over here: Click! Every fingerboarder should have a set of them! On Blackriver Trucks you don´t need this extender, because these wheels are single bearing wheels.

THX a lot for this package booooooois! The last part will follow within the next feew days.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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