Product Blog: YWheels – Y3 DualW 65D

April 27, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:54 pm

This is the second part of the Yellowood ultra deluxe 34mm package. After the trucks yesterday, you new some wheels, right!? The new Y3 DualW 65D fingerboard wheels. Check them ooooooooout:

YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D


YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D


YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D

YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D


And one more:

YWheels - Y3 DualW 65D

The new Y3 DualW are harder. These wheels are now about 65D. If you know the other versions of YWheels these are soft. If you ride a lot on concrete or marble surfaces, the soft version is just perfect. But I agree if you don´t like to ride the on wood because these wheels got so much grip. Not a bad thing at all, but every fingerboarder got his own opinion.

– New Urethane Formula, Hardness 65D. The hardest wheels we made so far
– Optimized relation grip/slide for better performance.
– Realistic wheel design.
– Dual bearings have more contact in the axle, making the wheel more stable, with less wobbles and no jamming.
– Dual bearings with lubricated cream. Shield on one of the sides.
– Designed to fit perfectly on Ytrucks.
– Professional lathered for smooth ride.

And I can tell you again, I felt the difference. I´ve mounted these wheels to my new 34mm ship and the wheels feel harder than all the other YWheels before. The performance on wood and concrete is perfect. These wheels still got the urethane feeling. I really like them on Hitting The Streets and on my Blackriver Playgrund. Again a big step forward for YWheels!

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THANKS again boiiiiiiiis!

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