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March 10, 2019 by MartinB. | 1:52 pm

It is the 26.01.2019. I had allready my jacket on because I wanted to leave my house and then the doorbell rings. I was thinking my girlfriend ordered something at amazon or whatever, so I expected the postman.

And yes, it was some kind of postman! A person I´ve never seen before stepped up the stairs. He was talking in english language and had a skateboard with him. Then he said “I´m the guy from KamelPro Fingerboards!” . . .

So yes it was some kind of special delivery, he brought me a ramp from TKY and two KamelPro Fingerboards. He had a long journey from Québec in Canada to Berlin in Germany, then he took the train to France to visit parts of his family and just made a break in Mönchengladbach to visit me. This was a really big surprise and I did not expect:

Foto 26.01.19, 14 03 39

I´ve posted this image in the fingerboardTV story on Instagram and a lot of people messaged me, that we look familiar. Well, not in a genetic way. But aren´t we as fingerboard nerds all familiar!? Brothers from different mothers!?

I´m still super sorry I did not have a lot of time to hangout or film an edit or whatever. Maybe the next time in Berlin, Canada or some other place on this planet. It´s great to see what kind of stresses and strains people in the fingerboard scene take to travel around this planet just for meetups or the store in Berlin.

Stepping away from the delivery in Mönchengladbach and coming to KamelPro Fingerboards. KamelPro Fingerboards is a one person company located in Montréal, Québec. Québec is a small part in the east of Canada. The main language in this part is french. This brand offers handmade boards and obstacles.

On the last package before this one I´ve received some decks with, let´s say, crappy holes. He was so sorry about this and we had a long chat on Instagram about this. He told me, that he changed the production and everything, so this won´t happen again.

So I´m happy to show you some KamelPro fingerboard graphic deck today. *Spoiler-Alert* with perfect holes *Spoiler-Alert off*:

Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave


Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave

This deck is pressed in the HUMP shape. The board is about 34mm wide and the concave is medium with high kicks. The kicks on this deck are higher than on the amble shape. Just check out some shape comparision right over here: Click!


Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave

Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave


And one more:

Kamel Pro Fingerboards - Grave

Well, lets start with the craftsmanship on this deck. The shape is well pressed and clean. Each Deck is hydrolic-pressed individually in a metal mold, so the decks aren´t warped or something like this. The shape is more like a medium concave with high kicks and the deck is about 34mm wide. This shape is called the HUMP shape as you can see on the stamp on the top ply. All the decks are available in the HUMP or the AMBLE shape.

The edges of this deck are sanded correct. The kicks are clean and the middle plies are shiny. As you can see this is a graphic fingerboard deck. It´s some sort of foil used for the graphics. The graphic is clean and simple and the print on the foil is sharp. I´ve called this “Egypt grave”, just because this graphic reminds me on mural paintings in the graves in Egypt.

Everything at KamelPro is handmade with the aim of offering something different in terms of design, as in realism of our boards and obstacles. The obstacles are displayed to pre-order. To armortize shipping cost, KamelPro prefers to find an agreement with each customers because in some areas the fees are super high. Note also that each obstacles may have imperfections because granite and marble are fragile materials.

Such a fingerboard deck at KamelPro is about: I don´t know. There are only mini logo decks in stock at this time. The mini logos are round about $ 39,99 (Canada). Just take a look by yourself and check out the KamelPro webshop: Click! and the Instagram page: @kamelprofingerboards

Big THX for the special delivery bro. Since the first time we´ve been in contact I check your instagram page and as I told you, I like the vibe & everything you share. Hopefully we will meet again in person.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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