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November 12, 2019 by MartinB. | 5:59 pm

Something about 4 weeks ago I´ve received a message sent by Fing. Co. on Instagram. Simon, the owner of Fing Co. offered me to try their latest fingerboard keychain called the Fing-Sling. Lucky as I am I´ve received a letter with three Fing-Sling´s in different colors.

Let’s have a look at the colors at first:

Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain

These are not all colors you can get. More colors are available on the Fing Co. website. So concern this just as a little selection. Just because I really like the color, I´ve unpacked the yellow one at first and just wanted to use the yellow one for this product blog. The Fing-Sling´s are the same except the colors. So let´s have a closer look at the yellow one:

Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain


Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain


Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain

Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain


And one more:

Fing Co. - Fing Sling Fingerboard Keychain

You´re wondering what a Fing-Sling is? Well, it´s a keychain to transport your finger-board. Yellwood for example did something like this a couple of years ago. The Fing-Sling isn´t made from leather like the one from Yellowood, it´s made from a strong plastic clip combined with a really tight sling on the other side. The material are really strong.

I´ve tried the yellow one together with my fingerboard. You can clip the Fing-Sling to your pant or bag or whatever and put the yellow sling around your track. The sling is really really tight fit. The fingerboard won´t get lost while using to sling, just because it´s really really tight. The sling is made from a flexible nylon like material and this should last really long and wich is really strong.

The Simon and his company Fing Co. is based in theHollingten, England and I really like the fact. The shipping was fast and safe and international shipping is available as well. The Fing Co. does not offer only these fingerboard keychains, they offer some nice little gimmicks for fingerboarding.

Just hop over to Instagram and show some love: @fing_sling
Check out the Fing Co. webshop for all the goods:

THX a lot for this nice little letter! Just started using the yellow one ☺

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