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January 6, 2019 by MartinB. | 7:54 am

It´s doublekick sunday! Why? Well today we will take a look at some nice doublekick fingerboard deck. This could be your Redemption!

Jordan, the owner of Redemption Fingerboards (and Handboards) sents me two of his super nice fingerboard decks. Jordan and his brand and shop are located in Union City, MI, USA. The letter came of super fast and today we will take a look at the second one. It´s a deep dark deck only for gentleman I think. It´s a doublekick like ehm a chocolate doublekick. The ultimate chocolate power. Check that beast out:

Redemption - Deep Dark Wood


Redemption - Deep Dark Wood

You can order a fingerboard at Repemdtion in a few shapes. The mellow, the medium, the woodnerd, the AK and the AK+. A comparison between all these shapes is available right here: Click! This deck is about 34mm wide and it´s in the M shape.



Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood

Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood

Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood Redemption - Deep Dark Wood

And one more:

Redemption - Deep Dark Wood

This deck is made of 5 plys of Canadian maple/exotic veneers. The glue of this deck not only bond wood, it penetrates the veneer layers interlocking them together. The decks are made by Jordan with machines and by hand. Great decks can not be made solely using one system or the other. While the shaping/drilling is done by machine, sanding and final touches are done by hand. Lacquer is applied, then sanded down to smooth boards and is then repeated until the decks are totally sleek. Having this deck in my ahdn I can tell you one thing. Jordan knows how to deal with wood. This deck is a perfect example for precise work and some more years of the right know-how.

This deck is the ultimate double chocolate power deck. It´s deep brown to black and the veneer looks super high class and exclusive. This is a deck for all the gentleman out there! The shape is a clean modern doublekick one, like most of the fingerboards in these days. If you don´t like such a normal board and want some crazy shape or you´re more into graphic fingerboard decks, thats no a problem at all. Jordan offers everything you want and need. You could get a blank or graphic board and you can get them as a complete as well. These are not expensive at all. Only $19.99 for such a blank. The graphic decks cost $29.99. Thats really cheap for such a good fingerboard!

Redemption Fingerboards are not new to the scene. The brand came up in early 2009. Jordans goal was to create high quality miniature skateboards. Jordan is a skateboarder since 2000 so he knows whats up. I think everybody knows Jordan since he released a couple of Instagram “vlogs”. So after a couple of more years in the fingerboard scene he released his wheels brand andhandboard line up. Handboarding was for me just horrible. I had a TD handboard over 10 years ago when they released them for the very first time with Tensor Trucks and stuff like that. The kingpin broke the first day and all I thought about this is just fucking loud. I personally thought, that there is no demand for handboard stuff, but, well, there is a real handboard scene. I really enjoy watching all these guys handboarding, but I will stick to fingerboarding. Jordan has done a great job for Handboarding. Redemption is the first brand to officially create a wooden handboard complete with bearing wheels, soft tape and single axle trucks. This project has taken many years but in 2017 complete handboards were finally available. Thats just awesome!

By the way, Jordan is running a a store in his town. You could go there and finger- or handboard. Stay updated while following the Rempetion Instagram site: @redemptionfingerboards

Well, a super good fingerboard, a nice talk on the internet, quick service and dedication to the fingerboard scene? Well, thats a good reason to order somthing cool at the Redemption website. Just check it out right here: Click!

THX a lot for these deck Jordan! I know your brand since day one and I really like your progression and mood. Keep it going!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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