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December 2, 2019 by MartinB. | 1:11 pm

Thinking about fingerboarding in Germany and the city Magdeburg I had just nothing in my memories. I´ve never been to Magdeburg in my “fingerboarding career” and I´m not remembering a bigger event in this city. Magdeburg is is the capital city and the second largest city of the state of Saxony-Anhalt here in Germany. It is situated on the Elbe river. Just checking out Google what you need to know about this city and the pictures look really picturesque.

Today we will change the position of this city in the fingerboard scene a little bit. Stepping away from a historic and picturesque city to fingerboarding. I´ve received a letter from Stinkefingaz a few weeks ago. The company Stinkefingaz is owned by Dennis and Kuno. I haven´t seen “normal” decks from this brand and the deck I´ve received is the widest and craziest fingerboard deck I´ve ever had. Let´s call this fingerboard skimboard cruiser. Check it out:

Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard


Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard

The shape of this deck is crazy. I just needed to take it to the beach to take the pictures for this product blog. This deck is super super wide and the concave is just floating. This is a real skimboard. Put your trucks on and start floating. If you would make a normal popsicle deck in this shape, it would be 100% up to date and medium. The shape is well defined and the kicks has the right height. That means you have some crazy fingerboard deck which is still usable.

Look at this crazy tail:

Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard


Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard

Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard

Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard


And one more:

Stinkefingaz - Cruiser Fingerboard

These fingerboard decks are shaped by hand. The parts for the splitply artwork was cut by hand too.The woodwork and craftsmanship is just great. The plies work perfect together and the colors are solid and clean. These decks are inspired by people, freedom and fingerboarding! The skimboard cruiser boards are the widest ones around with 37mm to 40mm. Each board comes with grip and in a handmade bag crafted in Magdeburg. This splitply deck is a special one, because it has this super nice FBTV graphic job. I think the graphic artwork on the bottom and on the top ply is made with a laser. It´s super clean and super fine. All the decks are one of a kind decks and each one will be only made ones.

The word Stinkefingaz is the fingerboarding kind of word for Stinkefinger. Something about 25 years ago this Stinkefinger was named after a famous soccer player called Effenberg here in Germany. They called the Stinkefinger “Effe”. You´re wondering what Stinkefinger means? Well, you might get an idea when you look at the logo of this brand on the bottom of the deck. . . to give somebody the bird, or fuckfinger or just the uplifted middle finger :-D

Stinkefingaz decks has a own channel on instagram: @stinkefingaz_fb Hop over and show some love for all the creative stuff over there.

How to get such a deck? Well there are a few decks in stock @ the ASI Berlin SHop over here: Click! But Dennis and Kuno has their own webshop right over here:

THX a lot for this creative piece of art guys. Can´t wait to see how your company will develope within the next years!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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