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October 26, 2009 by MartinB. | 3:41 pm

On friday I went to Flaki and we had a huge fingerboard session, some nice cold drinks and Tim & Stegen on the phone. I´ve heard Sonja from Hugo was calling Tim and he was pretty lucky because he has a push-button telephone. On saturday we traveled to the Essen tradeshow:
Worldchamp TKY teachin´ kids:

New and old TechDeck stuff:

Maurice was pretty lucky to meet our translator Tim Pütz:

and Flaki is shreddin´the park:
At 17h there was a little contest

with a game of skate final. The day was really funny!
1. Tim Pütz
2. Adrian Witzel
3. Flaki

And some promo for my bromies at Flaked fingerboards, they got shirts now:
Go and grab some ;-)

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