October 23, 2009 by MartinB. | 12:33 pm

Yeah! The Yellowood package came today:
As we all know ervybody is hot on pictures so now let us have some really nice lookin´pictures about those Y-Trucks:
In the package

and here they are

Do you like the pictures? I do. I think I should do professionell product shots (with a good camera) *laugh* and if you want to buy those pictures for your webshop or company just contact me ;-)
In course of my old board was totally shredded

I set up a new one with Y-Trucks

and Substance Quartz wheels

and a Lowpro graphic deck:

Nice lookin? NICE LOOKIN! And as you can see the new and old one together:
Now the Blackriver trucks will travel to a new board . . .
I´ve done a short review on our german board and I think I´ll write some more about these trucks on fb.de, so if youunderstand german just visit fingerboard.de.

Now go out and shred!

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