Mordin In The Netherlands3

July 1, 2011 by MartinB. | 9:04 am

Some of you might remember I was on vacation in the Netherlands. It was not a fingerboard related vacation, so there wont be any footage, but if you are a fingerboarder you always keep your eyes open for fingerboard items/spots etc.. And thats what I did on my sightseeing.
First of all, I love toystores. We were “based” in Renesse and Renesse is a really small city pretty close to the sea with only one supermarket and not a big shopping mall. So we went to Zierikzee and in a toystore I found this FlickTrix ramp:

I know its to small and everything, but it looks dope – especially the DC rail!
Another thing I found in this toystore was this beginners set:

It includes this fun little brick quarter and a board. Just bought two to have some chilled mini mini miniramp :-)
After shopping I found this transition spot in Zierikzee “downtown”:

Looks rad but got no board with me at this moment to session it. Maybe there are some dutch people out there who send me a video ???
In cause of sightseeing I´ve been to every town around Renesse like Goes, Middelburg, Zierikzee, Serooskerke, Oostkapelle, Domburg + + + all I forgot.
in Domburg i found two ASI Berlin sticker in my photobag so I did a stickerjob @ Domburg beach:

and one @ Renesse beach:

hope you like those TKY.
I was really sad I only got 2 stickers with me :-(
14 really chilled days at the beach & everything —> it was not my first time and not my last time in the Netherlands. ‘I´m lovin it’!

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