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Hey girls & guys!

I´m super tired of driving 1300km by car in two days.
We will be back to normal tomorrow + the final BATH#4 video!




BATH #40

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Hey girls & guys!

I´m out to Bochum/Hattingen in a few hours and I´m going on to Berlin at 4 this night.
So meet me at the location at hopefully 10!?
See you there!

No e-mails threw the weekend would be nice ;-)

And if you´re not going to Berlin, have a nice weekend and let the sun shine for us!




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BATH History Edge0

March 22, 2013 by MartinB. | 2:29 pm

The BATTLE AT THE HARRICS will happen tomorrow!
Well . . . lets have a look back to some of my great BATH moments of the past three years.

In 2010 ASI Berlin, TKY and Harry came up with a new kind of contest in fingerboarding. The battle at the harrics – a Game Of Skate only contest – at this time new in fingerboarding!
Battle At The Harrics 1

The overall winner of round one was Dimitri Schlotthauer! Watch the 2010 final over here:

All videos I made #1: Click!

Well, thats the official part . . . .
As you might imagine, we had a lot of fun and browsing threw the pictures is dope….
And ohm cant show you everything!
André Coral - Ready To Die - Berlin 2010
BATH #1 was a nonstop party threw three days. Sleeping at TKY´s with 10000 people, driving an italian car with 15 people in there, outdoor beer, uuuultra sightseeing, store session, three days laughing, outdoor spot madness with Jay&Mike (Click!) pizza pizza pizza and fuck yeah more party :-D
A milestone in fingerboarding history! BATH was born and we all know we will be back for the next round . . .

Official 2010 FBTV blogpost right here: Click!

Round two —> 2011!
Berlin - TagNacht

The overall winner of round two was Diego Strozyk! Watch the final over here:

In 2011 I filmed the whole contest and put it on Youtube. Every battle! Check out the playlist: Click!
I´m a bit “proud” I made this :-) a lot of work!

More fun facts:
A really fun fact is, Diego made a little BATH table for the trophy at home. He shared that thing threw facebook – laughed soooo hard :-D sweetnose represent!
As you might imagine, BATH#2 was a big party again! Again sleeping at TKY´s with 1000 people, Paolo made some pesto pasta, kitchen shaved balls ring of fire games, party and fuckin bullshit —> Click! & Vimeo: Click!
Another milestone in fingerboarding and we all know, we´ll be back next year!

Official 2010 FBTV blogpost right here? No, sorry, filmed that much and took only a few pictures back in the days!

Round three —> 2012!
The Battle At The Harrics

The overall winner of round three was Elias Assmuth! Watch the final over here:

In 2012 I only filmed the finals and some interviews, so no playlist over here!

Wait what? It´s hipster time????
Welcome To Berlin
Yaaaaa heard right! It´s Stephan Swaggaborn chillin in Berlin over here! Daaaaaaamn right!
Just to tell you one fact, there was a fucking dentist dog in the city, nooooo fucking joke! A dentist dog!!!
“Wait, these woman are men!?!?!”

Official 2012 FBTV blogpost right here: Click!

I hope you got fun on reading these few words.
Another milestone will be done today & tomorrow!

BATH 4 NET - Full quality 300dpi

I´m going to be there, driving late threw the night for the contest. It´s not planed/I cant feature the whole event on video, I don´t have enough battery´s & SD Cards and no money to buy some for my GH3. Hopefully the finals, some good pictures and some great memories will be in my pocket after the weekend :-)

BATH is always a really international event and you always get in touch with some new countries, cant wait for it!


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March 22, 2013 by MartinB. | 7:28 am

Flaked - JUNT 2013
Stoned & Flaked?
@ BATH#4 this saturday!



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More Bath #40

March 22, 2013 by MartinB. | 7:14 am

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-22 um 06.13.51



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