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March 2, 2017 by MartinB. | 5:03 pm

As I told you some days ago in the Catfishbbq product blog one & two, I will make a comparison for you guys about the Catfishbbq shapes. And today is the day so lets have a look at the Catfishbbq “saltwater” and “freshwater” shape:

Catfishbbq - Frshwater VS Saltwater

As you can see, the outline of the decks is nearly the same. The nose of the decks is flat on the top and the tail is a classic round tail. And look at these perfect drilled holes. You won´t see perfect drilled holes like this even in the teen p*rn section!


Saltwater ON Freshwater:

Catfishbbq - Frshwater VS Saltwater

The saltwater mold is about 33mm x 97.25mm.

Freshwater ON Saltwater:

Catfishbbq - Frshwater VS Saltwater

The freshwater mold is about 33mm x 97.25mm.

As you can see the saltwater shape is more like the low to medium shape and the freshwater shape is more like medium to high. The concave on both molds is well defined and got a really fluid transition into the kicks – doesn´t mater if fresh or salt! The decks are both 33mm wide and IN SHAPE like Heidi two weeks after giving birth!

And two more views:

Catfishbbq - Frshwater VS Saltwater Catfishbbq - Frshwater VS Saltwater

Hopefully this was a litte help for you guys if you think about a Catfishbbq deck as your next setup. I think the pictures are good enough to check it out by yourself. Shapes are like science and soccer, everybody got an opinion. So choose what you like and have fun while shredding!

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All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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